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han plang

han plang Meaning

Han plang, a traditional Singaporean dish, consists of a grilled or fried flatbread filled with a variety of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and sauces. It is commonly consumed as street food and is known for its flavorful combination. In Chinese, han plang is translated as 汉泡面 (Hàn pào miàn).

han plang in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t talk too much lah, you’re just han plang only. (referring to someone who talks nonsense or has no substance)
2. I tried to ask him for help, but he just han plang and ignore me. (referring to someone who avoids or disregards a request)
3. She always han plang about how great she is, but really, she’s not that talented. (referring to someone who boasts or exaggerates about their abilities)
4. I can’t believe he han plang until now and still hasn’t finished his work. (referring to someone who procrastinates or delays completing tasks)
5. The movie trailer looked promising, but it turned out to be han plang, so disappointing. (referring to something that fails to meet expectations or is underwhelming) Pronunciation: Hahn-Puh-lang.

han plang Origin in Singlish

This han plang, we never know where it come from sia. Maybe someone tio inspired by hor ta soh or what. But now, it’s become like everyday language already, spicing up our singlish conversations. Eh, really fun to use leh, can’t deny lah!