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guai lan kwai lan

guai lan kwai lan Meaning

Guai lan kwai lan is a colloquial term used in Singapore to describe someone who is mischievous or cheeky. It translates to 淘气 (táo qì) in Chinese.

guai lan kwai lan in a Sentence 

1. Wah, that guy really guai lan, always boasting about his achievements.
2. Aiyoh, she so kwai lan, never say sorry when she’s in the wrong.
3. Eh, don’t be guai lan and cut the queue lah!
4. You see that group of boys? All so guai lan, talking so loudly in the library.
5. James think he very guai lan, always act like he knows everything.

Guai lan – Gwai-lan
Kwai lan – Kwai-lan

guai lan kwai lan Origin in Singlish

This guai lan kwai lan come from where sia? Cannot tahan their attitude liao lah! They act power like king but really just chicken rice poop. Dunno how they become like that, but confirm one thing hor, their parents sibei lax.

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