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gila Meaning

Gila, in the context of Singapore, refers to a slang term used to describe someone who is extremely enthusiastic, excited, or obsessed about something. It can be translated into Chinese as 疯狂 (fēng kuáng), indicating a state of extreme passion or craze.

gila in a Sentence 

1. Wah, that roller coaster ride just now was damn gila, man! (crazy)
2. Eh, you see that girl? She’s damn gila hot lah! (extremely)
3. Don’t mess with him ah, he’s gila one, you know! (insane)
4. You really want to jump off the bridge? You confirm gila sia! (crazy)
5. Wah, the queue for this bubble tea is gila long leh! (extremely)

Pronunciation: Gee-la (with a short ‘ee’ sound)

gila Origin in Singlish

Liddat ah, this gila one sia. Dunno where it come from, but confirm ah, it’s very powerful one. Maybe from some karung guni uncle’s attic also can. Can do crazy things, like make people speak like never before. So shiok, sia!