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Gabra is a word in Singlish

gabra Meaning

Gabra in Singapore refers to a Malay term used to describe a state of chaos or confusion. It can also be translated into Chinese as 慌乱 (huāngluàn).

gabra in a Sentence 

1. Walao, don’t be so gabra lah! Just relax and enjoy the chill lah! (gabra – nervous/anxious)
2. Eh, she always gabra one lah, cannot make simple decisions. (gabra – indecisive)
3. Don’t need to gabra about the exam lah, just study hard and you’ll do fine. (gabra – worry excessively)
4. Why you must gabra until so dramatic? Just accept the fact lah! (gabra – overreact)
5. Kena hantam by boss, so gabra now, don’t know if job confirm got or not. (gabra – feeling uncertain)

Pronunciation: Gah-bruh.

gabra Origin in Singlish

This gabra origin from the faraway land of lah. Wah, so chim can? Like siao, mix all the lah, leh, and lor together. Confirm blur like sotong if you don’t understand. Don’t pray pray, singlish is a way of life, lah!

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