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fly me aeroplane

fly me aeroplane Meaning

Fly me aeroplane in Singapore refers to an idiom meaning to stand someone up or to be stood up. It implies that someone has made plans or promises but fails to follow through. In Chinese, it can be translated as 飞机我 (fēi jī wǒ).

fly me aeroplane in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t trust him lah. He always fly me aeroplane one. (pronounced: flai-mee-air-pleyn)
2. I thought we were supposed to meet for lunch, but he flew me aeroplane and never showed up. (pronounced: flai-mee-air-pleyn)
3. My boss promised to give me a raise, but he flew me aeroplane again and didn’t follow through. (pronounced: flai-mee-air-pleyn)
4. She said she’d help me move, but she flew me aeroplane last minute and I had to do it all by myself. (pronounced: flai-mee-air-pleyn)
5. Don’t bother inviting him to the party. He always flies people aeroplane and never turns up. (pronounced: flai-mee-air-pleyn)

fly me aeroplane Origin in Singlish

Fly me aeroplane come from when people tiagong want chop one kind, but then suka suka put someone buay song. It’s like kena jio-ed to go lepak, but end up being bo jio-ed. So now when this happen, say you fly me aeroplane lor. Aiyah, confusing sia!