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encik Meaning

Encik, in Singapore, refers to an honorific term used to address a man of seniority or authority. It is commonly used in the military to address male enlistees or non-commissioned officers. In Chinese, encik can be translated as 工头 (gōng tóu) or 先生 (xiān shēng).

encik in a Sentence 

1. Encik, don’t play play ah! Pronounced as en-chik, this sentence is a playful way of addressing someone, often used to show respect with a hint of sarcasm or endearment.

2. Wah, encik very power sia! Pronounced as en-chik, this sentence expresses admiration for someone’s skills or abilities.

3. Eh, encik, where you going ah? Pronounced as en-chik, this sentence is a casual way of addressing someone to ask where they are going.

4. Encik, come here lah, need your help. Pronounced as en-chik, this sentence is used to call for assistance or to ask someone for help.

5. Aiyah, encik always so blur one. Pronounced as en-chik, this sentence implies that someone is often absent-minded or clumsy in a lighthearted manner.

encik Origin in Singlish

This encik ah, he from a long long time ago sia. Like really kampung style one. Whenever he talk, got the typical lah and leh sound. So garang and siao one, he always make sure everything zhun zhun one. Best part, he always wear his green uniform singlet sia.

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