Singapore Emergency Numbers

Singapore police that respond to emergency numbers

Singapore Emergency Numbers

When visiting Singapore, knowing the available emergency numbers to call in time or need is essential. As much as you wish to avoid certain conditions, accidents nevertheless have a 50% probability of occurring. In some cases, they might be a matter of life and death.

When you’re in familiar terrain, you’re familiar with the appropriate emergency numbers to phone in the event of a severe disaster. However, you may find yourself at a loss for what to do in an emergency if you’re outside your comfort zone. As a result, you must know the correct emergency number to call, especially when touring heritage buildings in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are several numbers you can call in case of emergencies. To help your search, we’ve compiled emergency Singapore hotlines. Each of these numbers has its use, so be informed about which to call in a particular situation. Read further to learn more about emergency numbers.

Singapore police that answer to Emergency numbers

Emergency Numbers You Should Call In Singapore

ServiceEmergency Number Singapore
EMS, Ambulance, and Fire Rescue995
Emergency Police999
Non-emergency ambulance1777
Non-emergency police1800 255 0000
Traffic Police6547 0000

When to Call Emergency Hotline Singapore 

Of the numbers listed above, 995 and 999 are the most important numbers to keep in mind. These two have been put in place to attend to matters concerning life and death. Others are important but are only applicable in less life-threatening situations.

995 – Singapore medical emergency number: Any illness or disease that causes serious complications or death if not handled immediately is considered an emergency. The Singapore Civil Defence Force made this medical emergency number Singapore residents can call during this situation. It also doubles as a fire engine number Singapore residents and visitors can contact for fire emergencies. 

1777 is a non-emergency ambulance number, Singapore residents or visitors call. It’s important to note that calling 995 in less severe cases leads to a fine payment.

999 – Emergency Police: When you call 999, you must give a clear description of the emergency. The representative on the other line would also demand your name, telephone number, and the emergency location. While on this call, it’s crucial not to hang up unless instructed otherwise. 

If the situation isn’t urgent, contact the non-emergency police number. If you’re using an international number to place calls, dial 911 or 112 first and be redirected to 999.


Several bodies are in place to combat emergency cases in Singapore. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) handles emergency ambulances. You also have the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that investigates severe crimes like robberies and murder. Contacting these emergency numbers gets you closer to these experts and helps you save a person’s life.

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