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Singapore Emergency Numbers (Ambulance, Police & Miscs) + Hopsitals Telephone Numbers

Emergency Ambulance and fire995For immediate response in emergency situations involving fire or medical incidents.
Non-Emergency Ambulance1777For non-critical medical transportation that doesn’t require an immediate response.
Police Emergency999For immediate police assistance in emergency situations.
Dengue Hotline1800 933 6483For reporting potential dengue breeding sites or getting information about dengue fever.
Fire hazard reporting1800 280 0000For reporting potential fire hazards to prevent fire incidents.
Police Hotline1800 255 0000For public inquiries or non-emergency police assistance.
Traffic Police6547 1818For reporting traffic incidents or for inquiries related to traffic regulations.
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) General Enquiries1800 286 5555For general inquiries about SCDF services and programmes.
AVA Hotline1800 226 2250For inquiries or reporting issues related to animals and veterinary services.
SP Powergrid1800 778 8888To report a power failure.
National Environment Agency (NEA) Hotline(65) 6225 5632For inquiries or reporting issues related to environmental health and cleanliness.

Hospitals 24-hour / Emergency / Accident & Emergency (A&E) Telephone Numbers

Here is a comprehensive list of both public and private hospitals in Singapore. These hospitals provide 24-hour accident and emergency services. Being able to reach out to medical assistance at any time of the day is crucial, especially during emergencies. These hospitals are well-equipped and prepared to handle emergency situations around the clock.

The list contains hospitals that cater to a broad range of medical needs, from general medical emergencies to specialized medical services. Each hospital has a dedicated accident and emergency hotline, readily available to provide immediate medical assistance. These 24-hour services are crucial to ensuring quick response times and immediate care when it’s most needed.

It’s important to have these numbers handy and be familiar with the hospitals in your area, as you never know when an emergency might occur. Being prepared can make a significant difference in an emergency situation. So here is the list of hospitals in Singapore with their respective 24-hour accident and emergency numbers:

Alexandra Hospital6379 3162 (A&E), 6379 3840 (admission enquiries)A dedicated team at Alexandra Hospital is always ready to provide immediate emergency services and answer admission enquiries.
Changi General Hospital6788 8833 (general enquiries 24hrs)Changi General offers round-the-clock general enquiries line to provide immediate assistance.
Parkway East Hospital(formerly East Shore Hospital)6340 8666(A&E), 6340 8688 (24hr information)Parkway East Hospital provides 24-hour emergency and information services to cater to patients’ needs.
Gleneagles Hospital6470 5688(24 hrs A&E department)Gleneagles Hospital’s A&E department operates 24/7 to provide immediate medical assistance.
Institute Of Mental Health Woodbridge Hospital6389 2222The Institute of Mental Health and Woodbridge Hospital offer comprehensive mental health services.
KK Women’s And Children’s Hospital6293 4044 (24hr general line), 6394 1199 (women’s 24 hr clinic), 6394 1177 (Children’s A&E)KK Hospital offers specialized 24-hour services for women and children, including a dedicated children’s A&E.
Mount Alvernia Hospital6347 6210Mount Alvernia Hospital offers comprehensive medical services with a dedicated helpline.
Mount Elizabeth Hospital6731 2218, 6731 2219 (A&E), 6473 2222 (ambulance service)Mount Elizabeth Hospital provides 24-hour A&E and ambulance services, ensuring immediate response.
National University Hospital6779 5555 (24-hours general line), 6772 5000National University Hospital operates a round-the-clock general line for immediate assistance.
Raffles Hospital6311 1111 (24hrs general line), 6311 1555 (A&E)Raffles Hospital offers 24-hour general and emergency lines for immediate medical help.
Singapore General Hospital6321 4103, 6321 4311 (A&E)Singapore General Hospital’s dedicated A&E line ensures immediate response to emergencies.
Tan Tock Seng Hospital6256 6011 (24hrs general), 6357 8866 / 8766Tan Tock Seng Hospital provides 24-hour general and emergency services for all kinds of medical needs.
Thomson Medical Centre6350 8812 (24-hour clinic)Thomson Medical Centre operates a 24-hour clinic to provide immediate healthcare services.
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