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chope Meaning

Chope is a term commonly used in Singapore to secure or reserve a seat or table at a restaurant or food court by placing personal items on it. It is an informal reservation system. In Chinese, chope can be translated as 占位 (zhàn wèi).

chope in a Sentence 

1. I chope the table with my tissue packet, so you can sit here when you come back. (chope – chohp)
2. Don’t worry, I’ve already chope your seat for the movie later. (chope – chohp)
3. The parking space was empty, so I quickly chope it by putting my umbrella on the ground. (chope – chohp)
4. She’s always chope-ing the best items during sales. (chope-ing – choh-ping)
5. Let’s chope this opportunity to try out the new restaurant before it gets crowded. (chope – chohp)

chope Origin in Singlish

Chope origin from Singapore lor. Wah, you see ah, chope means reserve or book in Singlish lah. In kopitiam, people use things like tissue packet or umbrella to chope seats. Don’t play play ah, if don’t chope, seat sure kena sabo one!