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chiong sua is a word in Singlish (冲山)

chiong sua Meaning

Chiong sua is a colloquial term in Singapore meaning to rush or move quickly. It is often used to describe a hurried or frenetic manner of doing things. In Chinese, chiong sua can be translated as 冲着走 (chōng zhe zǒu) or  衝山/冲山.  (charge up a hill)

chiong sua in a Sentence

1. Let’s chiong sua to the MRT station or we’ll be late for work! (pronounced: chyong-sua)
2. The football players were chiong sua-ing during the match, giving their all to win. (pronounced: chyong-sua)
3. I need to chiong sua and finish my report before the deadline. (pronounced: chyong-sua)
4. The motorcyclist chiong sua-ed down the highway, overtaking all the cars. (pronounced: chyong-sua)
5. We better chiong sua and queue for the movie tickets before they sell out. (pronounced: chyong-sua)

chiong sua Origin in Singlish

Chiong sua, eh bro, it’s like damn siok, lah! Started in army, when we all rush to do things fast-fast. Now, it’s everywhere, from work to siao driving. No time to waste, gotta chiong and jio everyone. Shiok, sia!+#chiongsua

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