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chin chai

chin chai Meaning

Chin chai in Singapore refers to something that is done without much thought, care, or concern. It can mean doing things casually, with a laid-back attitude or being easy-going. In Chinese, chin chai is translated as 随便 (suí biàn).

chin chai in a Sentence 

1. Aiya, just wear any clothes you like for the party lah, chin chai one. (pronounced chin-chai)
2. My mother always cooks chin chai meals, just throw everything into the pot and boil. (pronounced chin-chai)
3. Don’t worry about cleaning the house too thoroughly, just do a chin chai job, we’re not expecting guests. (pronounced chin-chai)
4. Let’s go for a chin chai movie, no need to plan, just go to the cinema and see what’s showing. (pronounced chin-chai)
5. This project was done in a chin chai way, no proper planning or organization. (pronounced chin-chai)

chin chai Origin in Singlish

Chin chai, this term come from our kampung days lah. It means do anything lor, no plan, just go with the flow. Like when we dunno what to eat, chin chai pick anything. Aiyoh, so convenient to use, can sia!