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cher Meaning

1. Cher is a highly esteemed term used in Singapore to refer to teachers. They play a significant role in educating and nurturing the younger generation.

2. 在新加坡,Cher是指教师的尊称。他们在教育和培养年轻一代方面发挥着重要作用。

cher in a Sentence 

1. Cher, can you help me find the nearest kopitiam? (pronounced as /che-uh/)
2. Eh, that durian so smelly ah, don’t cher touch it! (pronounced as /che-uh/)
3. Walao, cher, why you always late one? (pronounced as /che-uh/)
4. Cher, can you recommend me good hawker food around here? (pronounced as /che-uh/)
5. Eh, you got do your homework or not? Cher gonna scold you if you don’t! (pronounced as /che-uh/)

cher Origin in Singlish

This cher origin from SG, leh. Super power siao, can tame whole class sia. Always talk cock sing song, make us laugh till peng san. Cher mai hiam. Cher boh bian, got to love this cher lah!