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chee bai Meaning

Chee bai is a vulgar term commonly used in Singapore to describe a person’s genitals. It is generally considered offensive and disrespectful. In Chinese, chee bai can be translated as 阴茎 (yīnjīng).

chee bai in a Sentence 

1. Wah, this chee bai weather is so hot lah! (pronounced as chee bye)
– Context: Complaining about the scorching weather in Singlish.

2. Don’t be such a chee bai and help me clean up! (pronounced as chee bye)
– Context: Asking someone to stop being lazy and assist in cleaning.

3. Eh, your chee bai car parked right in front of my gate, how I go out? (pronounced as chee bye)
– Context: Expressing frustration over a badly parked car blocking someone’s exit.

4. He thinks he’s so chee bai smart, always bragging about his achievements. (pronounced as chee bye)
– Context: Criticizing someone for constantly boasting about their intelligence or accomplishments.

5. Aiyo, these chee bai mosquitoes are biting like crazy! (pronounced as chee bye)
– Context: Complaining about a high presence of annoying mosquitoes.

chee bai Origin in Singlish

This chee bai, or dickhead, origin from some lansi gao from old China. They think they sai kang everywhere and behave like they chao ah beng. Now they think they power, but really just like small fly. Chee bai, no class, no manners.

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