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chao Meaning

Chao in Singapore refers to a type of noodles commonly found in local cuisine. It consists of stir-fried flat rice noodles with various ingredients like vegetables, meat, and seafood. In Chinese, chao is translated as 炒 (chǎo).

chao in a Sentence 

1. I’m so chao tired after running the marathon lah! (pronounced as chow)
2. Don’t chao beh hiao, just wait for your turn! (pronounced as chow)
3. Why you so chao kiasu, always want to be first? (pronounced as chow)
4. This weather is damn chao hot, need to cool down. (pronounced as chow)
5. He chao boh liao, always acting blur. (pronounced as chow)

Note: Singlish is a colloquial language spoken in Singapore, incorporating elements from various languages including Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English. The pronunciation of chao is commonly pronounced as chow in Singlish.

chao Origin in Singlish

This chao, ah, it come from one small country in Southeast Asia, called Singapore lah. You know, got mix of different cultures sia. Like Chinese, Malay, Indian also got influence. So where got wonder this language come out so unique one?