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boleh Meaning

Boleh, a Malay word commonly used in Singapore, means permissible or allowed. It reflects a sense of approval or consent. In Chinese, Boleh can be translated as 可以 (kěyǐ) which also denotes being permitted or allowed to do something.

boleh in a Sentence 

1. Wah, you want to eat so much ah? Boleh, but later don’t complain full leh. (pronounced as boh-lay)
2. Eh, give me that pen boleh? I need to borrow it for a while. (pronounced as boh-lay)
3. Uncle, can I tap my card here to pay? Boleh lah, no problem. (pronounced as boh-lay)
4. Eh, faster lah, we need to catch the bus! Cannot miss it boleh! (pronounced as boh-lay)
5. Aiyo, this weather so hot, can turn on the fan boleh? Need some air-con leh. (pronounced as boh-lay)

boleh Origin in Singlish

Boleh origin from our own language lah! It’s like can in English, but with a Singlish twist. When we want to ask if something is possible or if we can do something, we just say boleh lah! It’s a simple and handy word we use every day.

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