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blur like sotong Meaning

Blur like sotong is an idiomatic expression used in Singapore to describe someone who is confused, clueless, or unaware of their surroundings. It refers to the behavior of a squid (sotong) swimming aimlessly, symbolizing a lack of focus or understanding. In Chinese, it can be translated as 像乌贼一样糊涂 (xiàng wū zéi yí yàng hú tú).

blur like sotong in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you blur like sotong ah! Cannot find your way to the hawker center ah?
2. She always blur like sotong one, cannot remember where she put her phone.
3. Don’t be so blur like sotong lah, I already told you the meeting is at 3pm.
4. The new intern is blur like sotong, keeps asking the same questions over and over again.
5. My ah boy is blur like sotong during exams, always forgets to bring his calculator.

Pronunciation: Bluh lah-kuh soh-tong.

blur like sotong Origin in Singlish

Dis sotong blur kia, u know? Haben clue where he come from lah. Like sibeh siao, always blur like kuku. Maybe born in lab, become sotong superhero. Don’t play play, one day he become world-famous sotong blur king. Steady lah!

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