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belanja Meaning

Belanja in Singapore refers to the act of shopping or making purchases. It encompasses various retail activities, including shopping at malls, markets, or online platforms. Belanja (逛街)在新加坡指的是购物或购买商品的行为,包括在商场、市场或在线平台购物。

belanja in a Sentence 

1. Eh bro, belanja me can or not? I help you carry your bags ah. (pronounced: buh-lun-juh)
2. Wah, today my boss belanja us all lunch. Shiok man! (pronounced: buh-lun-juh)
3. Auntie, you always belanja ah, next time let me treat you. (pronounced: buh-lun-juh)
4. I belanja you ice cream, but make sure you don’t drop it again ah. (pronounced: buh-lun-juh)
5. Don’t worry, I belanja you movie tickets. Confirm good show one. (pronounced: buh-lun-juh)

belanja Origin in Singlish

Eh bro, dis belanja thing originate from our kampung culture lah. Long time ago, when one person tua-tua, they treat everyone makan together, share happiness. Now, belanja also means treat you good, give you nice things. So, jio la, let’s belanja some good vibes and enjoy!

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