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barang barang Meaning

Barang barang in Singapore refers to a unique concept store offering a curated selection of lifestyle products and home décor. It showcases an eclectic range of items, often reflecting different cultures and design styles. Translated into Chinese, barang barang can be written as 杂货 or 琐碎之物.

barang barang in a Sentence 

1. Eh, can help me pass me that barang barang on the table? (pronounced as ba-rang ba-rang)
2. Auntie, I went to the pasar malam and bought some cheap barang barang. (pronounced as ba-rang ba-rang)
3. The movers came and packed all our barang barang into boxes. (pronounced as ba-rang ba-rang)
4. I love browsing through the barang barang section at the flea market. (pronounced as ba-rang ba-rang)
5. Wearing all these fancy barang barang for the wedding makes me feel important. (pronounced as ba-rang ba-rang)

barang barang Origin in Singlish

This barang barang ah, all come from other countries lah. Cannot find in Singapore one. Got from China, Malaysia, and even Ang mo country also got. So many choices, how to decide what to buy sia?

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