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balik kampong balek kampung

balik kampong balek kampung Meaning

Balik kampong or balek kampung refers to the act of returning or going back to one’s hometown in Singapore. This term is commonly used during festive seasons or long weekends when individuals visit their ancestral villages or reconnect with their cultural roots. In Chinese, balik kampong or balek kampung can be translated as 返乡 (fǎnxiāng).

balik kampong balek kampung in a Sentence 

1. Eh, tomorrow I balik kampong to visit my grandma in Johor lah! (pronounced: ba-lik kum-pong)
2. During Hari Raya, everyone balek kampung to celebrate with their families. (pronounced: ba-lek kum-pong)
3. Last weekend, my friends and I decided to balik kampong and have a BBQ at East Coast Park. (pronounced: ba-lik kum-pong)
4. My cousin recently balek kampung from overseas, so we organized a big family gathering to welcome him back. (pronounced: ba-lek kum-pong)
5. I miss the kampung spirit, so I plan to balik kampong and spend a peaceful weekend in the countryside. (pronounced: ba-lik kum-pong)

balik kampong balek kampung Origin in Singlish

Balik kampong, or balek kampung, started from the days when we all wanted to escape the crowded city and return to our kampungs for some peace and kueh. Now it’s more like balik kampong, eat too much, balek kampung with a food baby!

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