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alamak Meaning

Alamak is an informal exclamation commonly used in Singapore to express surprise, shock, or frustration. Translated into Chinese, alamak is 哎呀 (āi yā), serving as an interjection to convey similar emotions.

alamak in a Sentence 

1. Alamak! I forgot to bring my umbrella! Now I’ll be drenched in this heavy rain lah! (uh-la-mahk)
2. You see that person spill their drink on their new shirt? Alamak, what a waste! (uh-la-mahk)
3. Why you never tell me earlier ah? Alamak, now I cannot make it for the movie! (uh-la-mahk)
4. Don’t be so clumsy can or not? Alamak, you dropped the plates! (uh-la-mahk)
5. Oh no, alamak, my phone battery died! How am I going to contact my friend now? (uh-la-mahk)

alamak Origin in Singlish

Alamak is like a local slang, lah. It comes from the Malay language, lah. It’s like an expression of surprise or frustration, you know? Like when something unexpected happens, we go, Alamak! So, it’s a way to add some flavor to our Singlish, lah.