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akan datang Meaning

Akan datang is a Malay phrase commonly used in Singapore, meaning coming soon in English and 即将到来 in Chinese. It is used to indicate that something or an event is expected or anticipated in the near future.

akan datang in a Sentence 

1. Eh, the new MRT station akan datang, you know?
2. Auntie, I heard there will be a big sale at the pasar malam akan datang.
3. Our school’s meet-the-parents session akan datang, don’t forget to inform your parents.
4. Bro, my birthday party will be held at my house akan datang, make sure you come!
5. The new iPhone model akan datang next month, cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Pronunciation: A-kan da-tang

akan datang Origin in Singlish

The akan datang origin from lah! It’s a Malay phrase that means “coming soon,” popular in Singlish lah. Used when we excitedly talk about future happenings, like new movies ah, or upcoming events can. So next time, remember to say it lah, for a true Singlish touch ah!

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