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ah tiong Meaning

Ah Tiong is a colloquial term used in Singapore to refer to individuals of Chinese descent, specifically those from mainland China. The term Ah Tiong originated from the Hokkien dialect. In Chinese, Ah Tiong is written as 阿中.

ah tiong in a Sentence 

1. Ah Tiong, you want to eat chicken rice or not? (pronounced: Ah-Tee-ong)
2. Eh, Ah Tiong, help me buy some kopi from the coffee shop lah! (pronounced: Ah-Tee-ong)
3. Ah Tiong cannot come out tonight lah, he busy with army training. (pronounced: Ah-Tee-ong)
4. This ah tiong really good at haggling, got me a good deal! (pronounced: Ah-Tee-ong)
5. Ah Tiong always brings his own chopsticks to eat, very particular about hygiene. (pronounced: Ah-Tee-ong)

ah tiong Origin in Singlish

This Ah Tiong, he come from faraway land, leh. His kiasu attitude and ho mia ways, very noticeable lah. But he got the smart brain, always A+ in school. Now, he work hard and make big money, all the aunties and uncles say wah, steady lah!

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