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ah seng

ah seng Meaning

Ah Seng in Singapore refers to a common nickname used to represent an ordinary, everyday person, typically a male. It is often used in a light-hearted or endearing way. In Chinese, Ah Seng is translated as 阿成 (Ā Chéng).

ah seng in a Sentence 

1. Ah Seng, faster la, we need to chope seats at the hawker center! (/ɑː sɛŋ/)
2. Wah, Ah Seng, you really know how to bargain leh! I learned from you how to get good deals. (/ɑː sɛŋ/)
3. Aiyo, Ah Seng, always wearing shorts and slippers everywhere, like don’t need dress nicely one. (/ɑː sɛŋ/)
4. Ah Seng, you better watch your mouth, don’t anyhow complain about the government like that. (/ɑː sɛŋ/)
5. Eh, Ah Seng, come help us carry this heavy table lah, don’t stand there like a statue! (/ɑː sɛŋ/)

ah seng Origin in Singlish

Eh, this Ah Seng ah, origin from small kampung, you know. Last time, stay in countryside, far away from city one. Now, he kena big change, become city boy and wear branded clothes. But still got his kampung style lah, don’t play play.