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ah gua ah kwa ah qua

ah gua ah kwa ah qua Meaning

Ah gua, ah kwa, and ah qua are derogatory terms used in Singapore to refer to effeminate men or transgender individuals. These terms are often used disrespectfully and should not be encouraged. In Chinese, ah gua is 阿瓜, ah kwa is 阿夸, and ah qua is 阿夸.

ah gua ah kwa ah qua in a Sentence 

1. Eh, did you see that ah gua at the hawker centre? Wah, his makeup very fierce, can! (ah-gwa)
2. I was walking along Orchard Road and this ah kwa came up to me, selling fake designer bags, you know! (ah-kwa)
3. Last night, my friend brought me to a performance at Esplanade. Eh, the ah qua dancers really know how to move, lah! (ah-kwa)
4. Wah, his flamboyant style really makes him stand out, ah gua! (ah-gwa)
5. I heard that there was a Ah Gua pageant happening in town. Eh, must go and support our local LGBTQ+ community, can ahqua! (ah-gwa)

ah gua ah kwa ah qua Origin in Singlish

Origin, ah gua ah kwa ah qua, all from same lah. Dark lor, like the night. Ah gua, ah kwa, ah qua, they chope different gender, but same oredi. Start from times ah long long, traditions keep going. Singlish boh steady because of them, part of our kampung culture.

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