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abang Meaning

Abang, in Singapore, refers to older brothers, male friends, or individuals who provide helpful assistance or protection. In Chinese, abang can be translated as big brother or 哥哥 (gēgē).

abang in a Sentence 

1. Eh abang, can help me carry my bags ah? (eh a-bang)
2. Abang, where you think you’re going ah? (a-bang)
3. Wah, that abang damn chio sia. (a-bang)
4. Abang, don’t bluff lah. (a-bang)
5. Eh abang, you want to eat supper together or not? (eh a-bang)

Note: Singlish is a colloquial language spoken in Singapore, blending English with various Asian languages and dialects. The term abang is often used as a term of address for an older brother, a male friend, or sometimes even for attention-seeking purposes.

abang Origin in Singlish

This abang, he origin from Singapore lah. He super good at fixing things, like bicycle tire punctured or leaking pipe. He always say No problem, can fix one lah! Very steady and reliable. Must give him 5 stars review, boleh trust one.