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7th month

7th month Meaning

The 7th month in Singapore, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival where it is believed that the gates of the underworld are opened, allowing spirits to roam freely in the mortal realm. 7th month in Chinese: 七月。

7th month in a Sentence 

1. Wah, you see all the offerings on the street during the 7th month ah, damn eerie sia! (pronounced: sev-enth month)
2. Eh bro, tonight let’s go watch getai during the Hungry Ghost Festival, because it’s the 7th month mah. (pronounced: sev-enth month)
3. Auntie, please don’t sweep the floor during the 7th month, you don’t want to disturb any spirits. (pronounced: sev-enth month)
4. Eh, remember to close all your windows and doors during the 7th month, don’t let any bad luck come in. (pronounced: sev-enth month)
5. Wah, the prices of durians go up like crazy during the 7th month because everyone wants to offer to the spirits. (pronounced: sev-enth month)

7th month Origin in Singlish

The 7th month in Singlish got a long history, lah. Back in ancient China, they believe ghosts visit during this time. So, to hantam them, they throw parties, give offerings, and even perform getai. Nowadays, we still follow the tradition, but now the getai is more song-song, you see.