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Zion Riverside Food Centre: 20 Food Stalls to try

Where is Zion Riverside Food Centre?

Zion Riverside Food Centre can be found at 70 Zion Road, Singapore. To reach there, you can take bus number 5, 16, 75, 175, or 195 to the Zion Road bus stop. Alternatively, you can also take the MRT to Tiong Bahru station and walk for approximately 10 minutes to reach the food centre.

TDLR: About Zion Riverside Food Centre

Zion Riverside Food Centre, nestled along the banks of Singapore’s iconic Singapore River, has been serving hungry locals and tourists since its opening in 1977. This vibrant hawker center boasts a thriving culinary scene, featuring numerous stalls that have become famous for their delectable offerings. From the renowned Char Kway Teow at Hill Street Fried Kway Teow to the lip-smacking Chicken Rice from Zion Road Fried Kway Teow, this food haven guarantees a feast for your taste buds. And just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find Clarke Quay, a bustling riverside attraction offering vibrant nightlife and entertainment options. So, come experience the flavors and sights that Zion Riverside Food Centre and its surroundings have to offer!

Zion Riverside Food Centre food

1. Heavenly BBQ: Sink your teeth into succulent and smoky barbecued meats that are simply divine!
2. Noodle Delights: Slurp your way to noodle nirvana with their array of flavorful and comforting bowls.
3. Seafood Sensations: Dive into a delectable selection of fresh seafood dishes that will leave you wanting more.
4. Tasty Wok: Savor the tantalizing flavors of wok-fried Chinese cuisine that will take your taste buds on an adventure.
5. Veggie Ville: Delight in wholesome vegetarian options bursting with natural goodness and vibrant flavors.
6. Sweet Temptations: Indulge your sweet tooth with an assortment of heavenly desserts and mouthwatering treats.
7. Express Bites: Grab a quick and delicious bite on-the-go with their convenient and tasty mini-meals.
8. Sizzling Satay: Experience the unmistakable smoky aroma and tender skewers of their legendary satay.
9. Fresh Juices Galore: Quench your thirst and boost your health with an assortment of freshly squeezed juices.
10. Global Grub: Embark on a culinary journey with a diverse range of international cuisines that will satisfy any craving. and what they are famous for)

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