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yaya papaya

yaya papaya Meaning

Yaya papaya refers to an individual in Singapore who is perceived as pretentious or affected, exhibiting a show-off attitude. Often used colloquially, the term designates individuals who strive to give an impression of sophistication or superiority. In Chinese, yaya papaya is translated as 芽芽西红柿 (yá yá xīhóngshì).

yaya papaya in a Sentence 

1. Eh, she always act like yaya papaya, think she so high class. (pronounced: yah-yah pah-pie-yah)
2. Oi, stop being yaya papaya lah, just admit you’re wrong. (pronounced: yah-yah pah-pie-yah)
3. Don’t need to be so yaya papaya about your expensive handbag, nobody cares. (pronounced: yah-yah pah-pie-yah)
4. He thinks he’s some yaya papaya influencer, posting about his luxury lifestyle. (pronounced: yah-yah pah-pie-yah)
5. Why you always dress so yaya papaya to school, nobody’s impressed. (pronounced: yah-yah pah-pie-yah)

yaya papaya Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know ah, this yaya papaya thing hor, actually like come from our Singlish lah. It means someone act atas and pretentious, wei! Started from the lingo of Aunties and Uncles, now whole Singapore use it lah. Don’t be a yaya papaya hor, be more humble lah!