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yandao Meaning

Yandao is a term used in Singapore slang to describe an exceptionally attractive male individual. It is derived from Mandarin Chinese, where yǎndào (颜道) literally means face (facial features) way or good looking in English.

yandao in a Sentence 

1. I saw this yandao guy at the hawker centre, and he was really charming lah! (pronounced yan-dow)
2. Wah, that actor in the new TV drama is super yandao sia! (pronounced yan-dow)
3. Eh, did you see that yandao girl’s Instagram post? She’s so pretty leh! (pronounced yan-dow)
4. Bro, that football player is a total yandao on the field, can score goals like nobody’s business! (pronounced yan-dow)
5. Aiyoh, my cousin just married a yandao guy from Malaysia, confirm make all the aunties jealous! (pronounced yan-dow)

yandao Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know this yandao ah? Wah, his origin really shiok eh. He come from some atas place lah, not some ulu kampung. Confirm got good genes sia. Machiam like he born to be yandao. So suay if he went jalan-jalan overseas, all the girls sure faint sia.

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