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yam seng

yam seng Meaning

Yam seng is a traditional cheer commonly used during celebratory occasions in Singapore. It is an exclamation shouted by a group while raising their glasses, symbolizing good health and prosperity. In Chinese, yam seng translates to 干杯 (gān bēi).

yam seng in a Sentence 

1. Yam seng! Let’s raise our glasses to toast the newlyweds! (pronounced: yahm-seng)
2. We gathered at the hawker center for a yam seng session to celebrate our friend’s promotion. (pronounced: yahm-seng)
3. The whole bar erupted into a yam seng chorus when our national football team scored a goal. (pronounced: yahm-seng)
4. During Chinese New Year, families come together for a yam seng cheer before enjoying the reunion dinner. (pronounced: yahm-seng)
5. As the clock struck midnight, we yelled out a loud yam seng to welcome the new year. (pronounced: yahm-seng)

yam seng Origin in Singlish

Yam Seng, ah! Origin from old Chinese way of toasting lah. In the Hokkien language, Yam means drinking and Seng means victory. So when we all raise our glasses and shout Yam Seng! we cheer for good luck and success lah!