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womit Meaning

Womit is an acronym for the term Weekend Only Maid in Training commonly used in Singapore. It refers to domestic helpers who work only on weekends in order to gain experience and training. In Chinese, womit can be translated as 周末仅培训女佣 (zhōumò jǐn péixùn nǚyōng).

womit in a Sentence 

1. Womit lah, cannot find my phone again! (expressing frustration; lah is a typical Singlish particle used for emphasis)
2. Eh, you know womit ah? Coconut rice is the best lah! (asking for agreement or confirmation; ah is a particle used for seeking affirmation)
3. Womit sia, so hot in Singapore lately! (exclaiming about the weather; sia is a Singlish particle used for emphasis)
4. Walao, womit la, always late for work! (expressing annoyance; walao is an exclamation used for emphasis)
5. You got womit or not? I need a charger for my phone. (asking if someone has something; or not is a typical Singlish phrase for questioning)

The pronunciation of womit is /wɒ-mɪt/.

womit Origin in Singlish

This womit origin from the hawker center lah. From local flavors to all-time favorites, it’s the ultimate food paradise can one. The aroma confirm make you salivate sia. Best part is, so cheap and shiok, cannot tahan. Come try and jio your kakis for good makan!