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wols slow

wols slow Meaning

WOLS Slow refers to a network management setting that prevents devices from automatically waking each other up. In Singapore, WOLS Slow是指一种网络管理设置,可以防止设备自动唤醒。

wols slow in a Sentence 

1. Wah, this bus driver wols slow like turtle lah. (pronounced: wohls slow)
2. Auntie, can you walk a bit faster? You’re wols slow like snail sia. (pronounced: wohls slow)
3. Eh bro, why you eat so wols slow? Finish your food faster lah! (pronounced: wohls slow)
4. The queue at the hawker center was wols slow, took us forever to get our food. (pronounced: wohls slow)
5. My computer wols slow, it takes ages to load any webpage. (pronounced: wohls slow)

wols slow Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know how this wols slow start? Like, back in the day, got this group of people with the passion for talking Singlish. They gather and chat, lah. Then, this brilliant idea pop up – let’s make a platform to share and preserve our language, sia! And that’s how this wols slow origin from lor. Shiok anot?