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wayang Meaning

Wayang in Singapore refers to traditional puppet or shadow play, originating from Indonesia. It involves intricate puppets or shadow figures that are manipulated behind a screen, depicting various cultural stories and myths. In Chinese, wayang is translated as 皮影戏 (pí yǐng xì).

wayang in a Sentence 

1. Cannot trust him, always do wayang one, act innocent only. (pronounced: why-yang)
2. Wah, the boss really knows how to wayang sia, always act busy but never really do work. (pronounced: why-yang)
3. Auntie pretend to scold uncle, it’s just wayang only, they always do that. (pronounced: why-yang)
4. The politician always wayang during election season, telling people what they want to hear. (pronounced: why-yang)
5. Don’t bluff me lah, I know you’re wayanging, pretend to sleep only. (pronounced: why-yang)

wayang Origin in Singlish

This wayang ah, originally come from Indonesia. It’s like a traditional theatre show lah, using puppets and all. Then our clever Singaporeans also started doing wayang lor, with Chinese, Malay and Indian characters. Now, it’s become part of our cultural boleh-land here.