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tldr Meaning

tldr (too long, didn’t read) 是一个在新加坡常见的缩写词,意为笔者内容太长,读者没有详细阅读。

tldr in a Sentence 

1. I went through a long article about the latest gaming console, but TLDR, it’s expensive and not worth it lah. (TLDR pronounced as tee-el-dee-ar)
2. My friend sent a super long message explaining why she couldn’t make it to the party, but TLDR, she got stuck in traffic jam tio. (TLDR pronounced as tee-el-dee-ar)
3. I tried reading the terms and conditions of this app, but TLDR, they can collect all your personal data sia. (TLDR pronounced as tee-el-dee-ar)
4. My boss gave me a long email saying why our project got delayed, but TLDR, he forgot to assign someone to it lor. (TLDR pronounced as tee-el-dee-ar)
5. I was reading the news article about the election, but TLDR, the opposition party got majority seats for the first time can you believe it ah? (TLDR pronounced as tee-el-dee-ar)

tldr Origin in Singlish

TLDR is a shortcut for too long, didn’t read. Means too chim siah. When articles or emails too long, Singaporeans use it to summarise. If someone lazy, say TLDR, then can bochap. Very useful for kiasi people or those always busy with other things lah.