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Singapore Time: What Time is it in Singapore?

What time is it in Singapore?

4:21 am

Singapore operates on Singapore Standard Time, which is 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+8). It does not observe daylight saving time, so the time remains consistent throughout the year.

Singapore Time in 24 hour Clock

In a 24-hour clock format, Singapore Standard Time (SST) maintains a consistent time of UTC+8 throughout the year, as it does not observe daylight saving time.


Singapore time & Date:

Currently, Singapore Standard Time is UTC+8 and does not observe daylight saving time. This means the current date and time in Singapore is consistently 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time throughout the year.

February 25, 2024 4:21 am

SGT time & Datein 24 hour clock

Singapore operates on Singapore Standard Time (SST), which is UTC+8. It does not observe daylight saving time. Hence, the current date and time in Singapore are always 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) throughout the year.

February 25, 2024 04:21

SG time & Date(DD/Mm/yy) in 24 hour clock

Singapore uses Singapore Standard Time (SST), which corresponds to UTC+8. As daylight saving time is not observed, the time stays the same all year round. Understanding this is essential for business transactions, scheduling appointments, or travel plans involving Singapore.

25/02/2024 04:21

What Timezone is in Singapore?

Singapore falls under the Singapore Standard Time Zone, which is abbreviated as SGT. This timezone is determined by its geographical location near the equator.

Why is timezone in Singapore different?

This is due to the Earth’s rotation and the division of the world into 24 time zones. Each time zone represents roughly 15 degrees of longitude, and Singapore’s geographical position places it in the GMT+8 time zone.

Why Do I need to know Singapore Time?

Knowing the current time in Singapore is critical if you’re conducting business with companies based there, scheduling a meeting with someone in Singapore, or planning a visit to the city-state. Being aware of the time difference can help to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

Is Singapore’s Time always GMT + 8?

 Singapore’s time hasn’t always been what it is now, GMT +8. Long ago, it used to be GMT +7.5. This was to match the time in British Malaya. Then came World War II, and things changed. Singapore’s time was moved forward to GMT +9. Why? To match Tokyo’s time. When the war ended and Malaysia was formed, Singapore was part of it. At that point, the powers that be decided to set the time to GMT +8. So, you see, we’re actually a bit ahead of the time that you’d expect, based on where Singapore is on the map. It can seem a bit complicated, but that’s how it evolved!

Why is the change made for Singapore Timezone?

In 1981, Malaysia decided to sync up the time across its territories. West Malaysia moved their clocks ahead by 30 minutes to match East Malaysia, which was eight hours ahead of GMT.

Singapore decided to do the same. As the Ministry of Trade and Industry explained in a press release, they made this decision to keep things consistent.

Considering the numerous connections between the people and governments of Singapore and Malaysia, and to prevent inconvenience for businesspeople and travelers, the government has decided to adjust Singapore’s current time by a half-hour on January 1, 1982. This change will ensure that both countries share a common time zone.

Singapore Timezone: A Timeline

Period in useTime offset from GMTName of Time
Prior to 1 June 1905GMT+06:55:25Local Mean Time → Singapore Mean Time (after 1901)
1 June 1905 – 31 December 1932GMT+07:00Standard Zone Time
1 January 1933 – 31 December 1935GMT+07:00Malaya Standard Time (DST observed; clocks shift by 20 minutes)
1 January 1936 – 31 August 1941GMT+07:20Malaya Standard Time (Permanent DST)
1 September 1941 – 15 February 1942GMT+07:30Malaya Standard Time
16 February 1942 – 11 September 1945GMT+09:00Japan Standard Time
12 September 1945 – 31 December 1981GMT+07:30Malaya Standard Time → Malaysia Standard Time → Singapore Standard Time (after 1965)
1 January 1982 – presentGMT+08:00Singapore Standard Time

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