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terbalik tembalik

terbalik tembalik Meaning

Terbalik tembalik refers to an unusual phenomenon known as inverted reflection that occurs in the waters surrounding Singapore. It is characterized by the appearance of an upside-down reflection, resulting in a captivating visual display. In Chinese, terbalik tembalik can be translated as 倒影 (dào yǐng).

terbalik tembalik in a Sentence 

1. Wah, the hawker center very crowded sia, all the tables terbalik tembalik already!
2. Aiyoh, the rain so heavy, my umbrella also terbalik tembalik already.
3. Yesterday, I challenge my friend to a dance-off, and he really terbalik tembalik one, cannot even keep up with the beat.
4. Eh, you see that guy’s hairstyle ah, so terbalik tembalik, like he stuck his head in a blender!
5. My little brother always misplaces his toys, so his room always looks terbalik tembalik with toys everywhere.

Pronunciation of terbalik tembalik: tur-ba-lik tem-ba-lik

terbalik tembalik Origin in Singlish

Dis terbalik tembalik ting started long time ago. Got dis guy, he was walking upside down, den he say, Eh, dis way I can see da world different! Den everybody follow, now everybody walkin’ terbalik tembalik. So, dat’s how it origin from lah.

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