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tekan Meaning

Tekan is a colloquial term used in Singapore to describe the act of being pressed or bullied. It can refer to situations where someone is unfairly treated or subjected to pressure, intimidation, or harassment. In Chinese, tekan can be translated as 逼迫 (bī pò) or 欺负 (qī fù).

tekan in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t tekan me lah, I already said sorry! (teh-KAN)
2. Wah, kena tekan by my boss today, so sian. (teh-KAN)
3. You better be careful, or you sure get tekan by the teacher! (teh-KAN)
4. Why you always tekan me when we play football? Not fair! (teh-KAN)
5. Aiyo, my sister always tekan me to help her with her homework! (teh-KAN)

tekan Origin in Singlish

Tekan is one jialat thing, you know. Origin from the wu liao days when ah bengs and ah lians were always buey song with authority. Making people sian and buay tahan, so they start saying tekan when they kena bully lah. Wala, now tekan is everywhere, like siao.

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