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teh peng Meaning

Teh peng is a popular Singaporean beverage that translates to ice milk tea in English. It is made by combining brewed tea leaves, condensed milk, and ice, resulting in a refreshing and creamy drink. In Chinese, teh peng is 红茶冰 (hóng chá bīng).

teh peng in a Sentence 

1. Eh, let’s go kopitiam and have teh peng lah, so hot today!
(pronounced as teh peng: teh peng lah, so hot today)
Translation: Hey, let’s go to a local coffee shop and have iced milk tea, it’s so hot today!

2. Aiyah, cannot tahan the heat lah, need teh peng sio!
(pronounced as teh peng: teh peng sio)
Translation: Oh no, I can’t stand the heat, I need a strong iced tea to cool down!

3. Wah, this teh peng is damn shiok sia!
(pronounced as teh peng: damn shiok sia)
Translation: Wow, this iced milk tea is incredibly satisfying!

4. Mai lugi, order teh peng gao for me can? I need more kick.
(pronounced as teh peng: teh peng gao)
Translation: Don’t be stingy, order a strong iced milk tea for me, I need more flavor.

5. Hey, uncle, give me teh peng kosong, no sugar, ah!
(pronounced as teh peng: teh peng kosong)
Translation: Hey, sir, give me iced milk tea with no sugar, please!

teh peng Origin in Singlish

Teh peng started long long time ago when kopi uncle mix ice and teh boba in a cup. Uncle say Drink this, so shiok one! Wah lau, it became famous, all Singaporeans love drinking it until today. So cool ah!

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