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teh o Meaning

Teh O is a popular beverage in Singapore, known for its black tea flavor and sweetened with sugar but served without milk. It is commonly consumed throughout the day and can be found at local coffee shops or hawker centers. In Chinese, Teh O is translated as 无奶茶 (wú nǎi chá).

teh o in a Sentence 

1. I feel so shiok after drinking teh o! It’s the perfect pick-me-up in the morning! (pronounced as tee-oh)
2. Let’s go to the kopitiam and order a cup of teh o peng. It’s so refreshing on a hot day! (pronounced as tee-oh peng)
3. Uncle, can I have teh c kosong? I’m trying to cut down on sugar. (pronounced as tee c koh-song)
4. I prefer teh o gau, the strong tea taste gives me the extra kick! (pronounced as tee-oh gow)
5. Aiyo, the teh peng here is so ex, better go to the hawker center for teh o limau, cheaper and equally shiok! (pronounced as tee-oh lee-mao)

teh o Origin in Singlish

Teh O origin from the old times, bro. Uncle Hock made it with black tea, water, and sugar, then mixed it with ice. Wah, refreshing sia! Now everyone drinking Teh O, even the young ones. It’s a classic local drink, lah. Shiok lah, can’t get enough!

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