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teh o ice limau Meaning

Teh O Ice Limau is a popular iced beverage in Singapore. It consists of black tea (Teh O) mixed with lime juice (Ice Limau). This refreshing drink is known for its sweet and tangy taste. In Chinese, it can be translated as 炭烧奶茶冰柠檬.

teh o ice limau in a Sentence 

1. Eh, auntie, I want one teh o ice limau, extra limau ah! (teh o ice limau: teh-oh-eye-limau)
2. Wah, after sweating so much, I need a refreshing teh o ice limau lah! (teh o ice limau: teh-oh-eye-limau)
3. Eh bro, let’s go kopitiam and grab a teh o ice limau, shiok ah! (teh o ice limau: teh-oh-eye-limau)
4. Waiter, can I have a teh o ice limau, and make sure it’s less sweet eh? (teh o ice limau: teh-oh-eye-limau)
5. Aiya, too hot already, I’m gonna order a large teh o ice limau to cool down sia! (teh o ice limau: teh-oh-eye-limau)

teh o ice limau Origin in Singlish

Teh O Ice Limau got history leh! Originally from Malaysia, this shiok drink made its way to Singapore and became a staple at kopitiams. Our kakis love the mix of black tea, ice, and fresh lime. Shiok sia! Can even add a bit of sugar for more power.

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