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teh cino Meaning

Teh Cino in Singapore refers to a traditional local beverage popular among the Chinese community. It is made by mixing tea with evaporated milk, resulting in a rich and creamy flavor. In Chinese, teh cino is translated as 椰子奶茶 (yē zǐ nǎi chá).

teh cino in a Sentence 

1. Eh, let’s go kopitiam and order teh cino lah. (pronounced as teh chee-noh) – Here, the speaker suggests going to a traditional coffee shop to have a Teh Cino (a local version of iced milk tea with a shot of cappuccino).
2. I can’t start my day without a good cup of teh cino sia. (pronounced as teh chee-noh) – This sentence emphasizes the speaker’s dependence on Teh Cino to kick-start their day.
3. Can I have a teh cino peng, less sugar please? (pronounced as teh chee-noh peng) – Here, the speaker orders a Teh Cino with ice and requests for it to be less sweet.
4. After shopping at Bugis, let’s sit down and relax over some teh cino, leh. (pronounced as teh chee-noh) – The speaker suggests taking a break and enjoying Teh Cino after a shopping trip.
5. The uncle at the hawker center makes the best teh cino, you know. (pronounced as teh chee-noh) – This sentence praises the expertise of a particular uncle in preparing Teh Cino at a local food center.

teh cino Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know ah, this teh cino originally from kampung days one. Long time ago, our ancestors mix coffee with teh, then add condensed milk and ice. Wah, so shiok lah! Now, can find everywhere in Singapore. Sedap sia!

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