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tau pok is a word in Singlish

Tau Pok: Meaning

Tau pok refers to a popular Singaporean snack made from deep-fried beancurd. These pockets of crispy goodness are often filled with a mixture of vegetables and/or meat. In Chinese, tau pok is translated as 豆卜 (dòu bǔ).

Another context of ‘tau pok’ refers to a potentially hazardous orientation game named ‘taupok’ (dried compressed beancurd), in which his son is required to participate. In this ‘game’, a group of males fling themselves onto a person lying down, one after another.

tau pok in a Sentence

  1. Eh, you want some tau pok with your laksa? (Tow-pock)
  2. Can you buy me a pack of tau pok from the market? (Tow-pock)
  3. Wah, this tau pok is so crispy and yummy! (Tow-pock)
  4. Uncle, can I have extra tau pok in my tze char? (Tow-pock)
  5. Let’s make some tau pok soup for dinner tonight. (Tow-pock)

Tau Pok is a Hokkien term referring to fried beancurd puff.

  1. During their school orientation, the boys played a game of tau pok. It was a rough and tumble affair, with each of them taking turns being the one at the bottom of the pile. (Tow-pock)
  2. The tau pok in this rojak adds a great texture. (Tow-pock)
  3. Our school banned the tau pok game after some students got injured. (Tow-pock)

tau pok Origin in Singlish

Eh, ah, this tau pok ah, origin from our beloved Hokkien culture, you know? Wah, so soft and fluffy, like auntie’s ah pek hair, sia. Fry or soup, confirm shiok lah. Sedap until you want to slap your own face, can? Must always eat with bee hoon, no joke!

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