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tak boleh Meaning

In Singapore, tak boleh is a commonly used phrase that translates to cannot in English. It is used to indicate a restriction or prohibition on certain actions or behaviors. (Chinese translation: 不可以)

tak boleh in a Sentence 

1. Eh, cannot go to the movies today lah, tak boleh lah, got family gathering.
2. Cannot lah, tak boleh bring durians on the MRT, so smelly!
3. Aiyo, tak boleh park here, got double yellow lines lah!
4. Sorry ah, tak boleh meet you at 7pm, got urgent work to finish.
5. Wah, tak boleh believe he won the lottery, so lucky sia!

To pronounce tak boleh, say tahk buh-leh.

tak boleh Origin in Singlish

The reason why this tak boleh saying came about is because Singaporeans like to shorten everything and always cannot be bothered to say the full phrase. So tak boleh is just cannot lah, you know? It’s just how we roll in Singlish!

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