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Buey Tahan is a word in Singlish

tahan Meaning

Tahan, derived from the Malay language, means to endure or persevere through difficult situations or challenges. In Chinese, tahan can be translated as 忍耐 (rěnnài) or 忍受 (rěnshòu).

Buey Meaning

Buey, means cannot (袂)

Together it adds up to Buey Tahan. (袂忍受)

Buey tahan in a Sentence

1. I buey tahan this hot weather lah! (pronounced: tuh-HAN)
3. I can’t buey tahan the queue at the hawker center, let’s go somewhere else. (pronounced: tuh-HAN)
4. My boss always gives me extra work, I buey tahan him already. (pronounced: tuh-HAN)
5. Buey tahan lah, it’s just a small scratch, no need to panic. (pronounced: tuh-HAN)

Buey tahan Origin in Singlish

Tahan origin from backside pain sia. It means cannot take it anymore, like so jialat. When life throw lemons at you, tahan lah, don’t give up. Zero chill, just tahan and move on. Eh, better tahan hor? Don’t be weak lah.

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