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sotong Meaning

Sotong, in Singapore, refers to a squid dish often prepared deep-fried or stir-fried with various sauces. It is a popular local delicacy enjoyed for its tender texture and savory taste. In Chinese, sotong can be translated as 苏东 (sū dōng).

sotong in a Sentence 

1. Aiyo, he spilled curry all over his white shirt! Such a sotong lah!
2. Don’t be a sotong and forget to bring your umbrella when it’s raining outside.
3. The sotong driver took the wrong turn and got us lost in this unfamiliar part of town.
4. Why did you add salt instead of sugar to the cake? You’re such a sotong in the kitchen!
5. She couldn’t find her way back to the hotel, even though she had a map. What a sotong tourist!

Pronunciation: So-tong (rhymes with o in so and tongue without the gue)

sotong Origin in Singlish

Happy sia, this sotong blur like sotong one. Maybe he come from kampung, never learn English properly. Kena pangseh by the education system. So now everyday talk like sotong, all broken and chop chop. Must poke-poke ah, then boleh understand!

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