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What Is the Phone Number Format of Singapore?

Calling from outside of singapore? Here’s a quick guide on how to call Singapore phone numbers.

Phone numbers in Singapore have 8 digits and a mandatory 2-digit prefix, totaling 10 digits.

Singapore Phone Number Format

Singapore’s phone numbers consist of a +65 country code followed by an 8-digit number, presented as +65-xxxx-xxxx.

When dialing from outside of Singapore, the +65 country code is mandatory.

However, for domestic calls within Singapore, adding the +65 is optional and doesn’t affect whether the call goes through or not.

The initial digit of the phone number provides information some information about the type of phone number it is. Here’s a short explanation:

Singapore Phone Numbers Starting with 6

Phone numbers that start with a 6 (formatted as 6xxx-xxxx) are landline numbers, which are either associated with residential or business addresses.

Singapore Phone Numbers Starting with 8 or 9

Phone numbers that starts with an 8 or 9, such as 8xxx-xxxx or 9xxx-xxxx, are usually mobile phone numbers.

Singapore Phone Numbers Starting with 3

Numbers that start with a 3 are virtual phone numbers, also known as VoIP numbers (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Singapore VOIP numbers are internet-based and can be purchased by anyone worldwide, usually for making calls at cheaper & lower rates than international roaming call charges. Regardless of the location of the caller or recipient, calls to these Singapore VoIP numbers are treated as domestic calls (local calls).

What Is the Phone Number Format of Singapore?

The phone number format in Singapore consists of a country code & a subscriber number.

Unlike other countries, due to the small geographical size of Singapore, Singapore does not have an area code.

Singapore phone number will look like: +65 1234-5678 or +6591234567, showcasing the formatting conventions commonly used in the country.

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