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Singapore Emergency Telephone Numbers (Ambulance, Police, Hospital)

Are you on holiday in Singapore or have you recently moved here? Singapore is generally safe, so there aren’t many situations that require emergency attention.

Typically, emergencies in Singapore could include medical emergencies, fires, or traffic accidents, given the high density of the urban environment. However, due to the strict legal system and the high level of public safety, violent crime is extremely rare.

Additionally, natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados are virtually non-existent due to the geographical location of Singapore.

But for safety sake, it’s always wise to know the local emergency numbers by heart, here’s what to do in case of an emgegency.

What to do in case of an emergency in Singapore?

When an emergency happens, here’s who you should call.

Emergency Ambulance & Fire995For immediate response in emergency situations involving fire or medical incidents.
Non-Emergency Ambulance1777For non-critical medical transportation that doesn’t require an immediate response.
Police Emergency999For immediate police assistance in emergency situations.
Note* Calling 995 in non-emergencies may result in a fine.

Specialised Emergency & Non-emergency Phone Numbers

For specialized and unique situations, general emergency numbers may not always be useful.

It’s best to contact the appropriate numbers to receive immediate care and treatment, as time could be crucial.

For instance, in the case of a drug overdose or a traffic accident, contacting a nearby dispatch could be more effective as compared to waiting for an ambulance/police car to arrive.

Drugs & Poison995 (emergency), 6423 9119 (non-emergency)
Police Emergency SMS (if calling is not possible)71999
Traffic Police6547 0000

What Kind Of Emergency Normally Happens in Singapore?

In Singapore, the most common types of emergencies include road traffic accidents, sudden & immediate medical conditions like heart attacks, and occasional cases of fire due to the high concentration of population density in buildings.

Tourist Emergency Phone Number in Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board1800-736-2000For tourism-related inquiries and assistance
Changi Airport Group+65 6541 5333For emergencies and inquiries at Changi Airport


Singapore is a tourist-friendly destination known for its safety, cleanliness, and convenient public transportation.

Our strict legal system ensures a low crime rate, providing a safe & secure atmosphere for visitors. nI case of emergencies or issues like lost passports or getting scammed in Singapore, local police stations offer prompt assistance and guidance aside from the above emergency numbers.

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