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Singapore Address Format: How To Read & Write Singapore Addresses

As someone new to Singapore, it’s crucial to understand and get your address right. A correctly written address ensures that you receive your deliveries, bills, and any other important communication without any hiccups.

It’s recommended to follow the Singapore address format as seen on your bills (electricity, telecom, gas, etc.), bank statements, your lease agreement (if you’re renting), deliveries or your identity card.

Learning and noting down the correct address format will help smooth your transition to your new environment in Singapore.

What Is the Address Format in Singapore?
(Home Address & General Offices)

As Singapore is a dense, populated area, most of Singapore’s housing & offices are in high rise buildings & share the same address format.

Do note, if there’s a requirement to fill up ‘City’ in address, the answer will always be Singapore.

We don’t use district names in Singapore addresses. 

Address Format:

[Block Number] [Street Name]
#[Unit Level]-[Unit Number] [Building Name]
Singapore [Postal Code]

Singapore Address Format

Sample Address:

[Block 6] [Kitchener Link]
#[21]-[06] [City Square Residences]

Singapore Sample Address Format

Blk 201 Farrer Park St 1 
Singapore 207226

Singapore HDB Address Format (Doesn’t have building name)

Singapore Condominium Address Format

Block 6 Kitchener Link
#21-06 City Square Residences

Singapore Condominium Address Format (Building name can be included)

Singapore condos or apartments are generally named, Singapore condo addresses are usual included within the address format in most cases.

If you are wondering why there isn’t an apartment / condo name attached to the address, you might be sending it to an individual building or landed property.

Address Format For Landed Properties / Buildings

In some cases, where the company owns the whole building or a resident stays in a landed property, delivery addresses will be without unit number.

This applies to shopping malls &

[Unit Number] [Street Name]
Singapore [Postal Code]

180 Kitchener Rd,
Singapore 208539

Address for City Square Mall in Singapore

What Are the Common Abbreviations in Singapore Addresses?

Common abbreviations in Singapore addresses include ‘Rd’ for Road, ‘St’ for Street, ‘Ave’ for Avenue, ‘Blk’ for Block, and ‘#’ for unit number.

This can be used for HDB, Condos, Landed Properties & Offices.

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