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siao Meaning

Siao is Singaporean slang used to describe someone who is crazy or eccentric. It is a Hokkien term that has become widely used in Singlish, the local dialect. 疯狂 (fēng kuáng) is the Chinese translation for siao.

siao in a Sentence 

1. Don’t be siao lah, how to finish all this food by yourself! (pronounced as sow)
2. Eh, why are you driving so siao? Slow down! (pronounced as sow)
3. Her fashion sense is really siao, always wearing mismatched clothes. (pronounced as sow)
4. I’m not going to queue for hours, only siao people would do that! (pronounced as sow)
5. Oi, he siao ah? Going to jump off the bridge like that? (pronounced as sow)

(Note: In Singlish, sow is commonly used to pronounce siao.)

siao Origin in Singlish

This siao origin from when I kena heat stroke under hot sun for too long, then my brain become like got short circuit. I talk nonsense, think crazy things and everyone laughing at me. Really like one kind, lor.