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sian sien Meaning

Sian sien, a colloquial term commonly used in Singapore, describes a feeling of boredom, frustration, or a sense of weariness from routine or mundane activities. Translated into Chinese, it is 厌倦 (yàn juàn) or 厌煩 (yàn fán).

sian sien in a Sentence 

1. Eh sian sien, my boss give me last-minute deadline for this project lah. (si-ahn si-ehn)
2. Don’t waste my time with your sian sien complaints. (si-ahn si-ehn)
3. Aiya, so many sian sien rules to follow in school, cannot even wear slippers. (si-ahn si-ehn)
4. Today’s weather is so sian sien, all cloudy and no sunshine at all. (si-ahn si-ehn)
5. Can you believe it? My phone battery died, so sian sien now cannot scroll Instagram. (si-ahn si-ehn)

sian sien Origin in Singlish

This sian sien origin from sitting at home, boleh outchua (cannot go out) because of COVID-19. Cannot go jalan jalan or makan. Everyday stay at home, everything also sian sien. Can only lookoutside (look outside) window and hope for better times soon. So sian sien sia!

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