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see see look look

see see look look Meaning

See see look look in Singapore refers to the act of sightseeing and exploring various attractions in a casual and relaxed manner. It emphasizes observing and appreciating the surroundings without any specific agenda. In Chinese, it can be translated as 观光走走看看 (guān guāng zǒu zǒu kàn kàn).

see see look look in a Sentence 

1. Eh, see see look look lah! That durian stall got discount, must faster go and buy!
2. Aiyo, why you see see look look at that guy? Confirm he like you lah!
3. Wah, the hawker centre got new food stall. Let’s go and see see look look what they have to offer.
4. Auntie always see see look look when she goes shopping, but never buy anything in the end.
5. Eh, my colleague always see see look look at my phone. So annoying sia!

Pronunciation: see see look look is pronounced as si si luk luk in Singlish.

see see look look Origin in Singlish

See see look look is an action when people cannot stop peeping and investigating their surroundings. Originating from our kiasu nature, Singaporeans just love to check things out, always afraid of missing out. We see see look look until our eyes blur, can’t blame us, it’s in our DNA!